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The info desk for all life's (and relationships) woes

...help for all us hopless romantics

5/15/05 12:49 am - insidemycircle

ok nevermind! i don't have any relationship problems anymore!!...for now at least!!

5/10/05 09:29 pm - insidemycircle

ok lets get this community started! i am determinded to make this a sweet community!

i've got some relationship woe to share...i hope the people whom with i am related don't read this. so anyways, recently i have gotten back together with this boy that i had been dating off and on since 7th grade. i really like him a whole lot but i don't know if this is the right thing or if i should move on. i don't know if i should risk it especially cause he told me that he isnt going to put up with my bullshit anymore and if the second he finds out that i am unfaithful he will never talk with me again. sometimes i feel like he is acting like we're not in highschool...i mean sure i want a mature relationship but i'm 16! i don't want to get married! i just want to have fun! i'm in high school! ahhh! this is so crazy! this is actually the main reason why things ended the last time we broke up this past fall. i don't want to risk our friendship though even though i know he isnt capiable of having a friendly relationshpi with me...he only wants a romanic relationship (that kinda sucks). there is other stuff in the ppast too that makes things more complicated but i'd rather not share on an open community...especially now....maybe i will in the future. but anyways...i don't know where this relationship is going or where i should take it! ahhhhhh!!!!

5/4/05 08:28 am - cowboyup991

Hey Everyone, (at this point no-one) this community is all about relationships and is open to about everyone. If you have a question or a problem with a relationship post it here and see if it can be answered...until later
Cowboyup991...aka playin_cupid
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